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Perfect App - Nothing to Buy - Nothing to Sell

Today I am going to review the Perfect APP from an established company called Perfect Internet.

Perfect APP -truly global -truly free- truly perfect

The Perfect APP is a unique Global opportunity to actually have your cell phone PAY YOU for using it everyday. This is a ground floor opportunity to get in on a Profit Sharing experience with everyone you invite as well as all the other users of this FREE APP.

FREE Forever – No Jobs to do – Truly Global – Truly Perfect – In Pre-launch Until October 1, 2013 Make money, save money, peace of mind, privacy, security, a great social community dedicated to success and friendship, all these and more are all possible with the Perfect APP. Join free today and see for yourself.

Let’s go through the requirements to take part in the Profit Sharing experience.

1. Do you have to pay any money to join?

NO, the Perfect App, just like Perfect Internet is FREE FOREVER!

2. Do you have to download anything?

Yes, you download this FREE APP on your smartphone, just like other APPs you may be using.

3. Are they going to sell my information?

NO, Perfect Internet, the makers of the Perfect APP, have a strict privacy policy where unless you are breaking the law, they will never share, sell, or rent your information to anyone.

4. How do I qualify for the FREE Profit Sharing opportunity?

In order to take part in the Profit Sharing, you must download the Perfect APP when it becomes available in October 2013, and use the APP on your phone. In return for every person you also share this opportunity with, you will receive a percentage of the Profits Generated by the Perfect APP.

5. If the Perfect APP is Free, how are they generating any profit to share?

Simple, just like many free services out there, the profits are generated by advertising revenue. So you will see some ads through the Perfect APP as you are using it.

6. How long is the Profit Sharing opportunity available?

**UPDATED Information (Sept 20, 2013)**The Profit Sharing Opportunity is available to everyone who joins Perfect Internet for Free and downloads the Perfect APP on their phone and uses it. There are no deadlines; 20% of all revenue generated through the Perfect APP will be shared with the users who use it – all 100% FREE!

7. How long can I invite people to the Perfect App and are there any benefits for people who join after October 1, 2013?

**UPDATED Information (Sept 20, 2013)**The Perfect APP is FREE Forever, and you can invite as many people as you want, for as long as you want. Members who join AFTER October 1, 2013 will still get to enjoy all the features and benefits of the Perfect APP and share in the profits! The more people you invite now, will only help both YOU AND YOUR INVITED MEMBERS earn the MOST MONEY possible before everyone already knows about the Perfect APP. Remember: FREE Forever – No Jobs To Do – Truly Global – Truly Perfect – Act Now and Join Free Today!

Perfect APP - Join FREE Today

 8. What if my cell phone now does not let me download APPs?

You will need to upgrade your phone to a model which does let you download and use APPs.

9. How old do you have to be in order to take part in the Perfect APP profit sharing opportunity?

Anyone who is 14 years of age or older can participate.

10. What is the Perfect APP going to do? What kind of an APP is it?

Perfect Internet, the makers of the Perfect APP is a website dedicated to free services for their members and increased privacy. The Perfect APP is a mobile version of their site   The Perfect APP will also let you do other functions on your cell phone, such as find a taxi, find your favorite restaurant, and other services you already use on your phone now. The only difference is that as you are using the Perfect APP you are putting money into your own pocket through the profit sharing opportunity.

 Now that we have some of the common questions answered I am going to share my views on this FREE Opportunity.

I joined Perfect Internet, during their pre-launch almost 2 years ago now, and I have been an active member almost daily since the beginning. One of the great things I love about this company is their desire to create a total internet experience where “WE” the internet users have a say in what we see, how it looks, features, and so much more. In fact even the management from the C.E.O. down are members who joined first because they loved the concept and website. This truly is something unheard of in almost all of today’s website companies and something all of us, the members of Perfect Internet, call the Power of “We”.

By joining Perfect Internet and the Perfect APP, you not only get a very valuable and useful APP and website, you gain a whole internet FAMILY of new friends and business contacts. For the most part I have found the members of our Internet Family to be some of the most positive, helpful, happy, and motivated people I have ever known.

When you join Perfect Internet, you will have access to our great community of members in the WAZZUB Community. I recommend when you do join, to go to the forum in the WAZZUB Community and look for the New Members Start Here section. In there you will see a post titled “Master Your Thoughts, Master Your Life” as you read through the post and the comments, you will see exactly what I am talking about for yourself.

So what are some of the benefits of being a member of Perfect Internet?

1. FREE Prize Draws every 10 minutes in PRIZE MANIA

2. FREE SPAM-FREE, AD-FREE, private email at Mailaxy

3. FREE Lottery tickets in the 6 biggest lotteries of the world with drawings 12 times each week

4. Your Perfect Homepage customized just how you like it dedicated to your privacy and security

5. The BEST DEALS on everything from hotels, restaurants, cafes, online shopping with jewelry, eBooks, and so much more – See my upcoming review on iDealSmarter to learn even more.

6. FREE Valuable_eBooks every week – we vote for which one we want out of 3 options each week.  – this week’s winning selection was called “Home Business Success” and next week we are voting on “100 Weight Loss Tips”, “Film Making”, or “Blogging for Big Bucks”.

7. And so much more! The Perfect Internet Galaxy of websites is expanding all the time, and they are always offering valuable products and services to their members.

So we have established  that becoming a member of Perfect Internet has many advantages. What about the FREE Profit Sharing opportunity?

As I have seen Perfect Internet grow over the last couple of years, they have always done their best to remain true to their word. The number of services and websites has grown exponentially and the quality of people who both work in the Perfect Internet team and the members are truly first class. What I would recommend is you join for Free, check it out, see all the great features and share it with everyone you know.

As a family, many people are paying high cell phone bills, not only for their own cell phones (the parents) but also paying cell phone bills for their children. Wouldn’t it be great to have some of that money coming back in to your pocket every month instead of always leaving? Another great point is that in having your teenagers take part in this opportunity, they would be helping their own financial independence and would not need you to pay for all the things teenagers ask for, clothes, movies, trips, etc. You can teach your children now, before they are adults on their own how to manage their money, and still have the great education they deserve, as using their APP would take no extra time than they already probably spend on their phone now. 🙂

As I said in the beginning, make money, save money, peace of mind, privacy, security, a great social community dedicated to success and friendship, all these and more are all possible with the Perfect APP. Join free today and see for yourself.

Until Next Time,


Perfect App - Nothing to Buy - Nothing to Sell

Note: All who join from the banners on this page WILL be joining my personal WAZZUB Family and will be helping my own family achieve our financial dreams. Just like Perfect Internet, I take your privacy and security seriously and I will never share, rent or sell your information to ANYONE.

16 thoughts on “Review of Perfect APP

  1. Wilson

    Thanks for the review!! I hope to earn money monthly for free with This Perfect App as I am also already enjoying all the free benefits of Perfect Internet!!!!

  2. Elaine Bullin

    Cate, I do believe you have stated the true meaning and purpose behind The Perfect Internet and all of it’s galaxy. Like you I joined right after it open in pre-launch and have stayed with it because I saw where Perfect Internet intended to be in the future. It truly is a site of ‘WE’. Thanks for all your hard work during this time and in the future.

  3. SierraGirl Post author

    Thanks everyone for your wonderful comments. All the best success to each and every one of you. 🙂

  4. George Varghese

    Hello Cate. Very nice post. Like you, I too have joined this site two years ago. Since joining perfectinternet I have seen it growing at a great pace. It has grown so much with so many exciting features. I love the concept of freedom, privacy and sharing ideas and the belonging to a true global family. The best thing about perfectinternet is, it is driven by the members and it has the best of interest for it’s members benefits. Thanks for the nice post and I have already taken notes of your post to use in my site as well.:D

    1. SierraGirl Post author

      Thanks George. 🙂 Yes the global family with Perfect Internet is wonderful. I have met the best people from all over the world with Perfect Internet. 😀

  5. EDCC

    This is good, but? Is anyone got money from Perfect App? I sent couple of question on their e-mails (support and etc.) and NO respond at all! I am member too, but with this support I don’t want to call and ask people to do same thing before they become more serious company. I think this is a SCAM.

    1. SierraGirl Post author

      Hi EDCC,

      Thanks for your feedback and comment. I am sorry to hear you have not had any response to your inquiries yet. Please do send me an email at north_america[at] and I will do my best to assist you.

      Now, as for your questions about anyone receiving money as of yet. Yes everyone who is using the Perfect APP right now is receiving their money in their account. There is a certain threshold you need to reach before you can withdraw cash, just like many other prominent companies out there. If you would prefer to donate funds to our supported charities, you may do that right now, or you can also elect to enjoy free shopping right now by converting your CashPoints into DealPoints. Both the Free Shopping and donating to help charities worldwide are available right now without any limitation. In fact, for all the money you donate to charity through our WAZZUB Charity, PI matches it, making your donation twice as powerful for charities. And yes, PI has already sent over US$2,000 to charity and even received letters back thanking everyone. You can see more by going to

      As far as your comment about PI being a scam, this is not true in the slightest. Perfect Internet is a real company, providing real value, and generating real income. We are in a transition phase as we begin our next phase of growth and it is a very exciting time for all of us. Just like other start-up companies at this stage, the team handling everything is very small at the moment and this is why at times there may be delays temporarily in responding to messages. EDCC, please do send your questions to me by email and I will make sure they are answered.

      As for the opportunity PI offers with the Perfect APP, as always being a member of Perfect Internet is free. There are not obligations to pay for anything and PI always takes your privacy into consideration and will not sell, rent, or even give your information to anyone else unless required by law. The free benefits you get simply by being a free member are fantastic and very valuable in their own right. This does not even include the extra bonuses you can earn when you start telling other people about PI. Nor does it include the real job opportunities within the PI team behind the scenes. When you download the APP on your computer it is a simple and clean instal, with no added toolbars or other software and again always free. Now my question is, what do you have to lose by trying it out? What you have to gain on the other hand, is everything you want and more.

      All the best to you!

  6. John Nephin

    I have enjoyed the comments so far but what I don’t understand is why you do not mention
    lap tops or computers as I have just joined or downloaded the perfect app and the info with it explains its use on computers first, so why all the emphasis on mobile phones only.

    1. SierraGirl Post author

      HI John,

      Thanks for your feedback and comment. The Perfect APP is currently in a beta-testing mode and so to make this more quickly in their progression it is only available on one platform. Once the Perfect APP launches on March 1, 2014, it will be available on other browsers, Windows, mobile, Mac, and other devices.

      This review was written prior to the Beta Launch and so some of the information is outdated. Please see my updated review which will be posting very soon for a look at my personal experiences using the app for the last few months.

      Thanks again for the comment and all the best to you!

    1. SierraGirl Post author

      If you are having challenges with your Perfect APP, please speak with our WAZZUB Support team in the WAZZUB Community chatrooms and they can help you the best. Best thing to do is first make sure your cookies, cache, and history are cleaned on your computer. As well as make sure you do not have any other older version of the APP already installed. Also make sure your .NET Framework is up to date. Hope this helps! All the best.

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